by Tunde Olaniran

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Cobra EP available in May


He woke up in his bed
Then the sun hit his eyes
Thinking back to the dreams last night
He realized
Everyone he’s worried ‘bout
Aint gotta live his life
So he thought for a second:
“Will it work?” It just might
Feel the pull to be the norm
But I can’t do that
I would never want to have to
follow tough acts
Like boys here act free, but they’re trapped
Even Betty Freidan see they’re blind without a map
The terrain from the train window
Keeps me relaxed
Even if I ride alone
Didn’t have to build the tracks
So instead in my bed,
casios and click tracks
hope you ride first class
or stowaway in the back
and of course sore thumb's
not the role I prefer
but social police
only leave undeterred
and who’d a thunk
a sheep could be such a bullier
but they get hurt when they heard
that you broke from the herd
hood pulled up
venom in my grill

Cobra come down
Gimme soma poison
You make it look like
That bite is so fun
But I know that
If I wanna get some
Need to become
Both sides of one coin
White flag in my left
Gun in my right hand

Oh my god how could you just
Do me like this
Right hook to the jaw
Like your lie was a fist
Shoulda seen what the deal
But I wasn’t equipped
Turned to a full moon
So the sun was eclipsed
Holdin on to what I
Know has to be true
That if I learn to try
Other people will, too
And I still blame my eyes
When they show me the truth
So I do what I can
to make what I want true
They told me don’t trust Africans
I said “Huh? How you backstab kin?”
All I got was a shrug and a grin
Politics are for tricks so we’re traffickin
Listening to gossip
When you strayed from your path
Now adding up your friends
But there’s a problem with your math
Cuz when the cash gets divided
They subtract from you fast
Then you see through their tainted love
Like stained glass
hood pulled up
venom in my grill

Hook (2x)

Now don’t misunderstand
I still believe in all ya’ll
But it’s more than apparent
Even good people fall
Easily we deceive we can kill
It’s in our genes
But inversely people can achieve
great things
What they do is like a riddle
But with clues can be solved
You might find it too
Once your mind gets involved
Anybody on the ground
Sees the need for resolve
But until you get mad
You won’t need to evolve
See me with my hood pulled up
venom in my grill

Hook (2x)


released March 12, 2010
Vocals/Lyrics/Production: Tunde Olaniran
Recorded at: The Soundscape Studio (Royal Oak, MI)
Mixed/Mastered: Allure Studios (Oak Park, MI)


all rights reserved



Tunde Olaniran Flint, Michigan


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