The First Transgression

by Tunde Olaniran

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Installment one in a series of five EPs, The First Transgression delves into the hyper-modern yet lo-fi musical aesthetic Tunde Olaniran has carved out as an artist. Blending dance, electro, hip-hop and rock, the Flint, Michigan native transgresses against the boundaries of pop music. Traveling from the dark club bass of Cobra to the synth-driven anti-love anthem User Manual, Olaniran’s first statement in a longer musical narrative hits hard and keeps the momentum from start to finish. Detroit’s Miz Korona (best known for starring in the Eminem drama 8 Mile) and Berlin’s Chris De Luca lend incomparable talent to the release, which finds parallels with Santigold, Robyn Kraftwerk and Prince.


released July 15, 2011


all rights reserved


Track Name: User Manual (ft. Miz Korona)
Ride the tidal wave until I drown again
Forget I'm human I need to breathe
You said you just needed a friend
I said, "Why even give it a title?"
Give it a week, until you give in
Can't resist you gotta call me again
But I run and hide
behind my voicemail
When will we learn this won't have a happy end?

I'm no good for ya
I'm your enemy
Say I'll change but
You can't believe me
If bad is Kryptonite
My heart is light green
Don't you let me
Lie to you; we can't work it out

I got twenty-five ways to break your heart
But that's the last thing I wanna do
Distilled the tree we grew into tar
Now everyone can see it on you

Know why you do this to yourself?
You gotta know by now
That this will not mend
I always run and hide
it should be criminal
When will we learn this won't have a happy end?

Miz Korona
Kryptonite love got my mind in a trance
Try to walk away but I just can't advance
Man, I don't know what you do to me
Your bad ways feel oh so good to me
If love is pain, we must be deep
Thought I was strong, but with you I'm so weak
My heart trapped I don't wanna break free
A slave for ya love, handcuff, no key
Ya no good for me, yeah I know that
Everytime I leave something make me wanna go back
Boomerang love, throw away but I come back
My friend's say I'm crazy
Yes, we both know that
I can't hide from the heart that attracts me
Green should mean run like a track meet
I guess love is a sin
Fairytale, very well, no happy end
Track Name: Tiger Balm
I sat in a room
Four walls met me
Then they became two
Wasn't so different
At least then, had something to defend
I always thought
That I'd control
Who I'd become
Did everything to escape
But now I won't run

You're tough, but see this tiger
He's gonna be a fighter
He'll stand and deliver
Save us all from evil
He'll be sayin "new way"

Second time around
Wasn't as hard
As the first
Did it hurt me less
Because I knew
That it could be worse
Now, muscles ache
and wait until they're moment comes
Balm will soothe their pain
And strength they gain
it has begun


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