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Yung Archetype

by Tunde Olaniran

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released February 25, 2014


all rights reserved


Track Name: Brown Boy
Trynna figure out who I am
what to be
but it’s just no happening
lights on; I look around
check out my surroundings
steady breaking through until I get understood
try to stop me; get a splinter
cuz I’m like “I wish they would/wood”
in a barrel they’re found
kill each other for the crown
but when I come through your town?
break it up! I shut it down
it’s like everytime I try to get a view
they throwin shade
damn, what’s a Brown Kid to do?
So instead I put them suckas on blast
and you can tell them man that he can kiss my ass

I’m every single thing you think of me
I’m a sinner, killer, drug dealer, refugee
so keep your jaw locked and I’ll keep the peace
they act like they don’t wanna but man you know me
I’m a Brown Boy

Trynna figure out what to do
what’s true
think of any way that I can break through
or what else I can give
make sure I can find it
Track Name: The Highway
All the promises get made
I’m under the road they paved
I hope it’s worth the rent you pay
Too low to take the high way

They googlin, ooglin ruins
brewing ensuing illusions
of tree farms
new cars
whole foods
sports bars
where nobodies pants’ll be saggin
don’t let nobody with hats in
don’t drink the water we frackin
they paid; why not be happy?
kidnapped the sap and we napping
don’t question how we get backing
corporate interests are something
that we should never be lacking
don’t need us here so a cell
is perfect since freedom’s for sale
and slavery’s over but hell
a field’s not as clean as a jail

They parachute in contenders
they gentrification vendors
RFP for images rendered
capitalistic ventures
Frisking and searching and seizing
red cuz the budget that’s bleeding
readin how their farms could be feeding
but all they can get is a meeting
Boot on the neck of the lamb
ruthless killer; son of sam
wham bam ma’am
now you in a jam with the deed
coming up short like a dwarf in capris
Next door, they in the same skillet
they cheat the deck and then deal it
they own the news so they chillin
Turn my neighbors to villains

Buffalo Plaid and henley
welcome them cuz they gentry
hard bangs speak gently
yo art get no entry
I rent but they own that
they white but still like rap
that zeitgeist they roadmap
we off punk we on trap
I’m broke but the bank’s got some dough they loan me tho
Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan the new colonial
Powers, get all the welfare that they wanna
does that make them John Smith? Does that make me Pocahontas?
Track Name: The Raven
Give me any test
I can make the grade
Check the interior
I’m better made
used to be a boy
I’d rather be a mage
possession is a ritual
the raven’s out the cage

Came unraveled in the 8th grade
not quite prepared for the alchemy
couldn’t fit the modality
so I flew over the palisade
Now I roll with witches in Williamsburg
boleros and blazers
broom is a vintage cinelli
sidewalk for haters
but they love me they fall like a season
love how it smell when they breathe in
converting theists now they
Go hard like thanksgiving for vegans

You had enough
you learn to grow
no tongues to bite
no hands to hold
Incant, this witch can
cast spells
deep like quicksand
shots licked, he crack whips
you talk slick, no 3rd chance
this bold brown boy might wish
chance and luck he might fight with
ancient walls that his mind built
climb it to see where his height get

They come to test my interior
as if the sun wasn’t near enough
the Raven must be in my blood
So I learned to make magic
Track Name: The Internet (feat. James Linck)
Sittin at home, alone
just writing poems to beats and stuff
and now her cell phone art, got lil’ red hearts
that make me blush
She got friends I’d like to meet
I’ll prolly smoke a buncha weed
and the glass clink @LamesJinck cuz I’m James Link, bia..

4, 5 plays on the internet
5, 6 plays on the internet
7, 8 plays on the internet
we on the internet

First piece of peace I got and yeah I’m into that
Eating my pad thai
just sitting on the internet
You-tube how-to’s
Show me how to get a rad life
morph mine into a
Swan dive from a Jacknife
Nothing better close the door
no sense in waiting
Help yourself to seconds
buffet life so I can plate it
Never see to much cheese
So when I get it gotta grate it
appetite never sated
Can’t smoke but I’m faded
Kiss that, lips into the camera phone, deuces
Skyping keep the speakers/sounds muted can’t chat
roomie in the kitchen heard the cam snap
Oxytocin overload attract those
who never wait for anything the feel goes
into another definition lust holds
easy in, easy out; we remove rope

But yo I got rhymes for days
I’m in a daze I might
eat a weed cookie and drink a couple mind erasers
but first, I gotta say what’s up to my fans
I could prob fit ‘em all in the back of my Good Kid, Mad City minivan
but when I’m stompin’ in my high tops nobody can really stop him
and I prolly stole at least part of this flow from Doc Waffles
But when I’m on my own shit I’m all like Oooh
and every time your girl hears it she knows what to do

Ain’t nobody hungrier for clicks, clicks
Ain’t nobody lazier than this this
Me and apathy could have a tryst, tryst
ain’t no better customers than misfits
rectangles glowin and keep me up late
get down down da-down with freaky brain waves
Never round when down town get sun rays
see james hang up his house phone to get blazed
Like 4, 5, plays on the internet...
Track Name: Critical
It doesn’t hurt me to be resolute
But it could kill me if I won’t unveil the truth
Why am I scared of what I don’t know
I know nothing yet
But I can feel it there
worst scenario

It’s critical
By the phone
Want to run
but I won’t
Cuz they can’t
the ending won’t
begin in me

Hold on I tell myself, just worry is enough
But you’re wrong, I say instead to deny what’s in your guts
Moved on, or tried, but find that I’m still stuck
So I’m gone before my heart can call my bluff

The feel, it’s the feel
I feel it spread some more
I’m grown I can’t ignore
I’m cryin on the floor
I’m out of metaphors