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The Second Transgression

by Tunde Olaniran

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Autonomous 03:12
V.1 This doesn't have to be a battle I'd be glad to call a truce this war could end if I could just let go of you My friends are weary of these landmines They say this siege has got to end but I still feel your words like bullets in my armor and I haven't got it in me to pretend Hook That I don't still love you I don't still care I won't admit it but in my dreams you're still there How could you let me die I'm here unfulfilled and from my eyes these tears V.2 And then I read how you had found somebody new but does he know how I was once new to you? If there was just one, one thing that I could say it's that I'm restless feel like I'm in a cage but I can say Hook That I don't still love you I don't still care I won't admit it but in my dreams you're still there How could you let me die I'm here unfulfilled and from my eyes these tears they are autonomous Bridge Every night I fight a battle with tears they filled an ocean so a bridge I'll engineer If I can cross it does that mean that I've been healed Where can we go from here? Hook
V1 You followed every rule but you don't get far Night is when you move only seen by stars Colored in the lines but the ink got marred Violence in your past that you can't get past, but holding onto shadows only blackens your heart Hook Don't point over there it's because you never like what you see in the mirror You're missing your crown in the day you're just a man but when the sun goes down V2 Fingers in the ground digging up from your grave Friendly people showing you the pictures you saved, but you never did that, said you must've been framed Picking broken glass from the street that they paved Carving out a new new name in the flesh you was gave Hook
V1 I'm in the bathroom getting ready for work I don't say a damn word when you wake up and walk by me down the hallway I just study my face in the steaming mirror I hate feeling like this I really think you much blind look through me every time or maybe turn your head I eat downstairs you eat in bed but when I get there you play dead in the dark where I've been led it's a bullet through my head I'm dead Hook Love kills, love kills You said you wouldn't hurt me but you did Love kills, love kills I said I wouldn't hurt you but I did V2 I can be your Celie You could be my Mister next time we can switch up We'll both need a stitch up I put my fist up You can't let your guard down Look at what we got now: dishes and joint accounts We're drifting apart wish we could go back to the start you argue with me from this union I could secede, that could be so sweet both looking for chances to seize looking for air we can breathe reaping the crop that we seeded, yeah Hook Bridge That's not love; that's lust That's not faith; that's trust That's not dirt; that's dust That's not blood; that's rust Hook
Brown Boy 04:09
V1 Trynna figure out who I am, what to be but it's just not happening Lights on, look around, check out my surroundings Steady breaking through until I get understood Try to stop me, get a splinter 'cause I'm like "I wish they would" In a barrel they're found kill each other for the crown But when I come through your town? Break it up; I shut it down It's like, everytime I wanna get a view they throwing shade now what's a brown kid to do? So I put them suckas on blast And you can tell the man that he can kiss my a** Hook I'm every single thing you think of me I'm a sinner, killer, drug dealer, refugee So keep your jaw locked and I'll keep the peace They act like they don't wanna but man they know me, 'cause I'm a Brown Boy V2 Trynna figure out what to do, what's true think of any way that I can break through or what, I can give be sure I can find it Left of the center is where I spend my time I need to brave enough to leave the peace behind 'cause I could be charred up in a barbecue still come out and not be black enough for you and then these questions; they can really trip me up especially when they prove to be real tough, like "Can I be a man?" "Can I not love?" Pledge allegiance to the flag of revelation Hook Bridge What else can I give? I can't let go What else can I give? I won't say no Hook



Installment two in a series of five EPs, "The Second Transgression" explodes into a dark, hyper-modern yet lo-fi aural landscape Tunde Olaniran has carved out as an artist. Blending dance, electro, hip-hop and rock, the Flint, Michigan native transgresses against the boundaries of pop music. Traveling from the dark club bass of "Kill or Be Killed" to the sinuous avant-pop breakup song "Autonomous," Olaniran’s self-produced EP is the next evolutionary next step in a longer musical narrative that clamors and rocks as hard it pulses and undulates. Flobots frontman Johnny 5, makes a cameo as a guest emcee holding down the introductory track, "2.0."


released December 21, 2012

Produced by B. Olaniran
All vocals/lyrics by B. Olaniran
Except 2.0, additional vocals by Jonny 5
Guitar by J. Bishop, Bass guitar by J. Sneller
Recorded and Mixed at the Soundscape Studio in Royal Oak, MI
Mastered at The Disc by Andy Toth
Album Photography by Timothy Jagielo
Graphic Design by Kingship Creative
copyright Babatunde Olaniran 2012


all rights reserved



Tunde Olaniran Flint, Michigan

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